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For young people who aren't interested in college, there are some good vocational training options. For example, if someone enjoys working on cars, there are short auto mechanic training classes that can prepare them to get that first position as an car mechanic in a local repair shop. Auto mechanics are always needed. Find out more about becoming a car mechanic.

Columbia, SC (PRBuzz.com) July 30, 2013 -- There is a new website that helps prospective students in the South Carolina area choose the right college or other school to enroll at.

www.SouthCarolinaOnlineSchools.com is a new website offering information on local campuses and online classes available to South Carolina students.

The website's manager, Susan Turner, believes online schooling is an excellent option for an independent student. "Online classes give the same amount of credit as traditional classes at a university," she said, "But they allow students to move ahead at their own pace." Read more at https://www.prbuzz.com/education/


Do you know the most affordable way to get a college degree? It isn't spending four years at a private university. And it isn't spending four years at a state college either. The cheapest way is to complete two years at your local community college first. http://www.communitycollegesonline.com/

Information technology careers are real hot these days. If you have an interest in it, it could be a terrific choice.

If you have an interest in working in a skilled trade vocation, you can go to http://www.onlinevocationalcolleges.com to read more about vocational and trade schools.

Philadelphia, PA (PRBuzz.com) April 17, 2013 -- A new college and school website for students and other residents in the greater Philadelphia area has opened its virtual doors.

Schools In Philadelphia is a free resource for anyone in the Philadelphia area who is interested in pursuing a college degree, technical degree or just taking individual classes. Read more at https://www.prbuzz.com/education/

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http://onepagerapp.com/onlinembacourses discusses obtaining your bachelor's degree online.

http://pennsylvaniacookingclasses.ishappynow.com/ and get started in a career as a professional chef.

http://texas-cooking-class.wikia.com/wiki/ has a little about culinary training courses.

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