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Florida is also a college destination for students from up north who want to attend college in a warm climate. Some high school students have also heard about the casual lifestyle of the Florida college student, and this also appeals to some of them.

These types of students will often consider Arizona and California as well when deciding upon which colleges to apply to. Read more about schools in Arizona.

Tallahassee, FL (PRBuzz.com) July 24, 2013 -- A new education guide built to help out Florida students and other individuals who are interested in attending college in Florida is now open.

Many Florida universities and colleges have now made it possible for young students to receive college credit online. The www.FloridaOnlineDegrees.com website is dedicated to providing information on online classes and earning a degree in any subject.

Online college students do not need to drive to campus or attend multiple daily classes in order to earn a four-year degree. Students can now do schoolwork over the web and still obtain the same degree as a university provides. See more at https://www.prbuzz.com/education/


Are you interested in a career in the fashion industry? Did you know that most colleges don't offer a degree in fashion. If you want to pursue a fashion-related career, you may need to get creative. Want to find out how to do it?

Art and technology merge in a graphic design major. Read about today's digital graphic design degree.

If you realy want to work in the criminal justice field, you can click to Online criminal justice schools.org and understand more about the criminal justice field and the type of formal training it requires.

Dallas, TX (PRBuzz.com) April 3, 2013 -- A new education and career guide for Dallas students and other Texas residents has opened on the Web.

Schools of Dallas is a brand new website where visitors can learn about education opportunities in Dallas, Texas. The site discusses all different types of local schools and career training centers, including large four-year universities, trade schools, small private schools and community colleges in the greater Dallas area. Read more at http://finance.boston.com/boston/news/read/

Quick Links to Stories and Articles:

http://schoolsforcooking.portfolik.com/about.html is for students interested in the culinary arts.

http://topinteriordesignschools.ismyreal.name/ has details about interior design training.

http://u481076.mono.net/ has info on trade schools and vocational institutes.

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