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If you spent your entire life in Florida, and you would like to move away for your college years, you can either stay in the southeast or go further away. Many Florida students like to stay somewhat close to home so that the travel time at school breaks and holidays isn't so long.

Tennessee and Kentucky colleges are popular with young Florida students. You can read more about colleges in Tennessee and browse school options in Kentucky.

Indianapolis, IN (PRBuzz.com) May 29, 2013 -- A new website that helps inform Indiana students and residents about secondary education opportunities is now online.

IndianaOnlineSchools.com is a site that discusses the potential post-high school education opportunities that are currently available in Indiana. Most of the site's focus is on public and private colleges as well as some of the smaller specialty schools throughout the state. Read more at https://www.prbuzz.com/education/


There are some major benefits to finishing your master's degree. While graduate classes are tough and the work can be hard, the rewards for earning your masters degree will be worth it.

If you have an interest in the culinary arts, you can check out http://www.laculinaryschools.com and see more about the culinary field and the type of formal training it requires.

Visit Academia.edu to read about Nursing Careers or trying to start a new career in the fashion business.

Bellingham, WA (PRBuzz.com) March 1, 2013 -- For the last 10 years, OnlineCollegeCourses.org has been writing about and promoting higher education in North America.

The original website manager Brian Hanson asked, "Am I surprised that this website has not only lasted, but flourished over the past ten years? I suppose I am a bit surprised. Many websites and online endeavors have a rather short lifespan, but this one has continued to serve a purpose, I guess, so it lives on." Learn more at https://www.prbuzz.com/education/

Quick Links to Stories and Articles:

http://en.netlog.com/kristencraig4/blog/blogid=24971637 for web design careers.

http://fanvsfan.com/articles/ for bachelor's degrees.

http://fashionbusin.livejournal.com for careers in fashion.

http://floridacookingclasses.devhub.com/ has information on cooking classes.

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