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Florida has plenty of good schools. And Florida is especially blessed with a wide selection of vocational and trade schools. These schools, located in almost every good-sized city, offer an assortment of fast certificate programs in many different trade and service-based industries. If you don't think a four-year degree is right for your situation, maybe a vocational college is. Read more.

Seattle, WA (PRBuzz.com) May 28, 2013 -- A new education and career guide that helps out students interested in a career in business is now available online.

The website is designed to provide information about university business degrees, college majors, classes and potential careers available to students who graduate with a business degree. Read more at https://www.prbuzz.com/education/


If you haven't completed your high school diploma yet, you still can. It really isn't that hard. You have the option of either finishing your missing high school courses at a vocational school or community college, or taking and passing the GED exam. If you get started now, it won't take that long. http://www.onlinehighschooldiplomas.com/

If you have an interest in the nursing field, you can learn more about the nursing field and the type of formal education it requires.

Visit Academia.edu to read How to Get Into College Without Working Too Hard for some top tips on getting into the right university.

Sacramento, CA (PRBuzz.com) February 11, 2013 -- A new online guide to help prospective California students has opened its virtual doors.

California Online Degrees is a website where residents of California can learn about public and private four-year universities, community colleges, trade schools and specialty schools anywhere in the state of California. More at https://www.prbuzz.com/education/

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